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Secure your AI models and applications from risks and attacks with a comprehensive AI security platform.

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AI security simplified: Identify risks, stop attacks

Ensure your AI is secure. We help you identify potential risks before they become problems, and protect your applications from even the newest threats.

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Assess AI model risks

Even the best AI models can have hidden risks. Identify and address potential problems before they impact your business, ensuring smooth AI adoption and compliance.

How we can help

TROJAI::DETECT integrates with AI and MLOps workflows to provide cybersecurity teams a way to automatically penetration test AI models prior to production.

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AI Application being attacked by threats and being stopped by the AI security platform

Prevent threats to AI applications

AI applications are vulnerable to new and sophisticated attacks. Stay ahead of the curve by protecting your models and applications from data poisoning, prompt injection, and other emerging threats.

How we can help

TROJAI::DEFEND will protect against attacks in real-time, leveraging a comprehensive rules engine backed by data science for secure AI applications.

Enable business productivity through the secure use of public AI services

Leverage cutting-edge public AI services with confidence. We help you ensure responsible use and prevent data leaks, so you can focus on innovation without worry.

How we can help

TROJAI::DEFEND enables the secure use of public AI services through an AI firewall filtering traffic to and from services to block, redact and audit activity with an AI-intelligent rules engine.

AI model data being stacked
Compliance standards AI frameworks have to conform to.

Comply with industry standards and regulations

Compliance shouldn't slow down your AI journey. We help you navigate complex regulations and benchmarks, ensuring a smooth and cost-effective path to AI adoption.

How we can help

The TrojAI security platform enables organizations to comply with benchmarks such as the OWASP AI framework as well as privacy regulations by testing models prior to deployment and protecting applications from things such as sensitive data loss once deployed.

Your trusted partner in the secure AI journey

TrojAI’s AI security platform enables you to proactively identify vulnerabilities in your AI models, and protect them from evolving attacks.

TROJAI::DETECT surfaces risks of AI models

See the weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your AI before they can be exploited. No more blind spots, guesswork, or fear of hidden threats.

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is your shield against AI threats

Prevent AI application attacks. Create a barrier with our AI firewall so you can confidently release your AI innovations.

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AI Security Platform

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