See vulnerabilities.
Secure AI applications with confidence.

Secure AI against evolving threats with TROJAI::DETECT, enabling you to confidently release and scale AI applications.

Data scientist performing a penetration test on their AI models.

Penetration test AI models with adversarial attacks

Hidden vulnerabilities can lurk within even the most sophisticated AI models. With over 100 out-of-the-box security tests, gain insight into areas of potential risk, surface vulnerabilities, and ensure AI is secure.

Office building where they build AI models for AI applications.

Turn vulnerabilities into remediation

Go beyond detecting vulnerabilities in AI models and actually remediate risk. Our penetration testing solution will uncover potential security risks, and help you prioritize remediation efforts based on severity to strengthen the security across your model portfolio.

Comply with industry standards

Meet and exceed industry best practices for secure AI development and deployment. Stay compliant with evolving regulations, and maintain higher ethical standards. Our out-of-the-box frameworks map to OWASP Top 10 and MITRE Atlas, ensuring you meet the highest compliance standards.