Centralize AI security monitorinG

Protect AI applications at scale.

Defend AI applications and models against evolving threats with the TrojAI firewall.

Adaptive security for GenAI

Reduce security threats to GenAI applications with TROJAI::DEFEND which utilizes real-time filtering to protect against evolving threats.

Computer generated code for an AI application that has an AI firewall running against it.

Safeguard against the latest threats to generative AI

Real-time filtering through our AI firewall effectively blocks threats including prompt injection, data poisoning, denial of service attacks and more. Leveraging our best-in-class extensible rules engine, TrojAI continually adds new detections, as threats evolve.

A large scale office building for a company that has scaled using GenAI.

Scale AI applications securely

Designed for enterprise scale that can filter over 100 million tokens  per second. Support the most complex use cases with an open and extensible rules engine with deterministic and stochastic rules backed by data science and finely tuned ML and AI models.

Two people discussing preventative measures for AI to ensure their AI firewall keeps it safe and secure.

Prevent sensitive data loss

Prevent personal information leaks and attempts at data theft with our AI firewall which protects sensitive information at scale. Identify and mask sensitive data within prompts and outputs, preventing accidental exposure and unauthorized access to PII, confidential data, IP, source code and more.